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Chinchilla Cat


About Chinchilla Cats

The Chinchilla cat is a longhaired breed of cats which is actually a type of Persian.  They have a thick, long and silky coat with a cobby body and round face with large eyes.  They are a very elegant cat.  The undercoat of the cat is normally white with black, silver or gold tips.  Chinchilla cats that have darker silver markings on their bodies are referred to as shaded silvers while those with gold tips are referred to as shaded goldens and are quite rare.  Chinchilla cats have emerald or blue-green coloured eyes with a distinctive black eye-liner rim.  The nose is red while having black pencilling.  Their feet pads are coloured black.

Chinchilla cats are normally happy to lie around the home to display their decorative qualities and are very placid and quiet.  They do enjoy attention and are very affectionate, often becoming quite attached to their owners.

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